Rita Marr CCHyp.,MPNLP

Rita is an innovator  in
the Help Others upliftment movement.  
Because of some painful midlife challenges
and difficult choices
that caused her to dig deep 
and allow herself to be vulnerable,
she became enlightened.

She is the author 

of Finding Truth Finding Health

- a guided journey to reclaiming the wholeness

that was there, but hidden.  

Rita's true talent lies in assisting

others to silence the inner critic

and release what's holding them back.  

She believes it's never too late to find your purpose.

Rita's wealth of experience and her proven,

multi-disciplinary process,

perfected in over 25 years of Professional Practice, 

will uncover the life you want to live.  

Positive Change can, in fact, be painless.  

Rita helps you release your inner most fears.

Say goodbye to Depression, Feeling Stuck,

Blocked, Lost or Broken and reclaim your Authentic Self.  

The answer is within you and

Rita's role is to help you uncover it.

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Rita works with individuals and groups worldwide through

live & online Workshops, Retreats and  VOIP personal consultations

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