Why do I

seem to live

in lack

instead of abundance?

Beliefs, be they empowering or limiting, are essential to creating our world. Using 

Time Line Therapy© to change your belief changes your world.

How can I

discover my

Life purpose?

I have been assisting people discover their life purpose for eight years and have a fast and simple guaranteed process that works for everyone.  Dissatisfaction releases when we are fulfilling our purpose.

How can I

let go of

fear & anxiety?

Time Line

Therapy© is a simple process

that takes about ten minutes and is guaranteed to release all fear ever experienced permanently.

Facing fear instead of running from it, also works in the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to change the past?

Yes.  In short we can release the emotional components of past experiences so that we stop emotionally reacting when we recall the experience.  A specific memory can also be erased completely as a next step, however this is rarely necessary. 


How can I manage stress better?

Emotions and stress build up over time. It’s like a snowball that starts off small and gains size and momentum. Each time an emotion is felt the emotional ‘snowball’ becomes bigger.  When an experience in the 'now' occurs, instead of reacting in proportion to the event, we re-experience the whole snowball full of emotion.  In other words we over-react. Time Line Therapy©, a quick and easy ten minute therapeutic process, is guaranteed to melt the snowball completely and permanently.


Is it true that I chose my parents?   

In short yes. However we do so for very good reasons. Usually to assist us learn our life lessons or to inherit specific traits, beliefs, attitudes, or resources.  Because Soul Aspects travel in groups we often incarnate with others from our Soul family because there may be karmic (aka past life) issues we wish to resolve.


Depression or just an emotional slump?


These days the term depression is often over used.  Emotional cycles are common and as we live in duality it is impossible for us to feel ‘high’ or ‘low’ continuously.  Feeling ‘fed up’ or feeling ‘low’ is very different to being clinically depressed.  As words have power it is important that we avoid labelling naturally occurring states as symptoms of something worse, because through the power of our own mind we can create the way we feel.  Time Line Therapy© together with NLP and Hypnotherapy is an ideal way to release clinical depressive states by addressing the origins and causations of the problem.



I always see the Glass as half empty can I change to half full?

Yes certainly.  Limiting Beliefs are the result of decisions spontaneously taken and as such can be released at the origin and a new decision inserted that will lead to the new chosen empowering belief. In this case ‘the glass is always half full’.


Is anger management really easy to achieve?

Yes. Remember the snowballs analogy, the anger snowball can be melted in 10 minutes using Time Line Therapy©.  From then on a choice is made in every situation where anger arises whether or not to act on the feeling.  In fact all emotions (I call them ‘e-motions’, in other words ‘energy in motion') are energetic messages from the unconscious mind telling us that there is something to pay attention to.


Why do I never seem to reach my goals?

Usually when there are inner conflicts around deservedness or ability it inhibits goal achievement.  Resolving inner conflicts is simple and easy using Time Line Therapy© NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Why do I repeat the same mistakes over and over?

Everything we experience is an opportunity to learn a lesson.  As soon as we learn the lesson then our unconscious mind stops attracting opportunities to learn that specific lesson.  Ask yourself “what  do I need to learn from this experience?"  Once you have the learning you will stop attracting the same type of experience because you've learned what you needed to learn.


Why do I keep choosing the wrong partners?

There must still be something you need to learn about yourself.  Every partner will push buttons to encourage us to learn a lesson.  As soon as we learn the lesson then we can stop having those buttons pushed. We will then choose a different kind of partner.  We can only attract what we are.  If we love ourselves and accept ourselves then we can attract others who will do that too.  


How can I silence the inner critic?

Self doubt, lack of confidence or limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’, often reveal themselves as the inner critic. Release the issues and the critic becomes quieter.  Regression is the ideal fast and simple way to silence the causes of the inner critic’s voice and find additional resourcefulness.