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Finding Truth, Finding Health,

Rita Marr CCHyp.,MPNLP


In March 2016 I her Spirit Guidance reached out to Sally Reid of Coaching Your Truth and asked her to make contact with me.  She did and very long story short we have embarked on a very special collaboration.  

We are co-authoring a channeled book called Finding Health, Finding Truth.   Sally, a lifelong psychic who survived two near death experiences,  is one of only a handful of Professional Clear Channels worldwide, who for over twelve years has been using her rare gifts to provide a strong third dimensional foothold to the Spiritual Guidance who call themselves The Council of Truth. Sally needed someone to transcribe the channelled teachings and guidance the Council wanted to share with humanity and they suggested me because they said "Rita has the skill of egoless questioning and is a skilled Facilitator, Life Coach and Trainer due to her Neuro Linguistic Programming Training". 



Our book will be published in 2018.  Our Collaborative joint venture My Unlimited Self will be birthed at the same time.  In the meantime we have a brief window where we are offering Targeted Destination Healing experiences.  This is premium healing experience where both Sally and myself work in tandem with you. These Experiences are available for a limited period and we only have capacity for five bookings.


Fee on application.     When we receive your payment we will send you a booking schedule calendar. Book now or miss out.  



  • I have twenty five years of experience in the healing arts

  • The most profound healings take place where two or more people are focused on the same result

  • By working through me the Council assist in Metaphysical Healing sessions where they get to the root of the  issue quickly, and alter the multidimensional energy of the issue into a no-thing.  

My Guides are emphatic that all people are perfect as they arrive on earth and can be restored to that state at any time. Perfection is not a judgment, it is a state of being. You're not broken. You may be off track. So let me assist you get back on track.

We believe :

that 'Now' is the place where we actually live.  

The future and the past are merely neighbors.

Therefore we can all change at will.




Rita Marr CCHyp., MPNLP

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Rita works with individuals and groups worldwide through

live & online Workshops, Retreats and  VOIP personal consultations

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