Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Have you ever read the book Shantaram? Author Gregory David Roberts, now a well known speaker on personal growth, wrote eloquently and from the heart about experiences in prison and how he found freedom inside his mind even within the confines of such a violent environment. The following quote stuck firmly in my mind because of his use of the term 'insults' in this context.

“Every blow struck against a chained man, every injection to pacify rebellion,

every electrocution of will is an insult to what we’ll be when we become what we’re destined to be.

Time is membrane, a connective tissue and it can be bruised.

Time can’t heal all wounds.

Time is all wounds.

Only love and forgiveness heals all wounds”

Gregory David Roberts

Typically Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is linked to, amongst others, grief, loss of another, wartime trauma, or accidents the mind cannot deal with. All these experiences are like extreme insults that have occurred on a mental, emotional or physical level.

PTSD, can be thought of as Echoes and Shadows of experience. It occurs when there is the tenacious refusal to experience the moment. The experience then stays in the 'now' because of an inability to let go, resolve and release. It's usually highly sensitive people who are knocked out in PTSD rather than those with 'normal' levels of sensitivity.

It's possible to walk with PTSD clients through a painless journey to arrive at a place where they can yield and allow change to occur.

If you think of it this way, it's a kind of self directed self sabotage to hold onto an emotionally draining and debilitating experience. Some part inside, perceiving itself separate to the rest, is too focused on self. It's as if the trauma closed the perception down to a small window with a tiny frame. One cannot see anything else except the view from the window. One become's caught in the moment of stuckness.

As Practitioners we can assist clients open the windows and allow the curtains to blow in the breeze. To expand their horizons. They need someone to hold their hand as they look upon the truth and accept there is another way, even though up until that moment it may have been well hidden.

It's possible to work with PTSD issues as energy rather than get into re-living and remembering the details of the experience. There are energy channels within us all that align us with the ability to tap into our 'Will". The ability to 'Navigate' safely through life. And the ability to 'Receive' love, help and all those things that will ultimately contribute to our health and wellness. Through re-aligning and re-connecting these energetic channels (I call them the Hara Lines) the client becomes able to expand their perception and this can be sufficient to reframe the whole experience and to undo the ties the the event.

The reframe gives them permission to come out of the shadows and back into 'now'.


Think of your world as a restaurant. Sitting down is the first step in creating your world. Then you place the order with the waitress. Don't change your order or you delay getting what you want. Your Hara Lines are the Waitress. Ask and you shall receive.

And remember all 'I' Statements are intentions. They are orders you are placing with the waitress.

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