Ever wished you had a User Manual for your mind?

Looking back my NLP training was indispensable. Finally I was given a 'User manual for my mind'. I used to believe my mind was my enemy. I used to believe I would never be free of the inner critic (you know that little figure that sits on the shoulder chirping away). I used to perceive challenges and obstacles. Now the inner voice is silent except for giving me good ideas and guidance and I've learned to go with the flow and trust in order to create the life I want.

I discovered the key to creating the life of my dreams when I realized that all 'I' statements are intentions. Yes that's right. ALL 'I' statements are treated as intentions by your mind.

How many times a day do we say 'I can't', 'I won't'?

When we combine 'I' with 'not' we get something very opposite to what our conscious mind believes is being stated.

You see the unconscious part of our minds where ideas take root and grow, where feelings are created, where our health is established and where habits are born, finds it impossible to not do something. It can only 'do'. In fact it is like our personal waiter who wants only to deliver our order in the shortest possible time. So if we say 'I do not want to feel anxious', guess what, the unconscious mind gets the message 'I want to feel anxious' and very efficiently, like a good waiter, causes the feeling to come up right then or as soon as possible.

Mindfulness of our own moment to moment thoughts is a great habit that can change life for the better. Awareness of the words we say can assist in creating the life we want. I discovered that Words Have Power, I learned to use them wisely. When I find myself giving the wrong order I just say to myself 'STOP cancel that'. Then immediately replace the self sabotaging statement with an empowering one. It's fascinating to watch what happens.

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