My Life was a Memorial to childhood pain

My Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer said to me the day my very first Practitioner Training began "What if you could re-write your personal history? Would you be interested?"

"Of course" I said even though I was skeptical. How could it be possible to change what had happened in my life thus far. I soon learned that it was about changing the way I reacted to what had happened rather than changing what happened. The light went on and I realised I had infinite choices. I could continue to be the victim or I could choose to be the victor. I could learn from those experiences I had perceived as negative and use them as a step ladder to get me to where I wanted to be. I could release the emotional energetic charge of anger, fear, hurt, guilt and shame that had built up and was being held in the cellular structure of my physical body as my chosen reaction to the challenges I perceived. I could relieve my body of the tension the emotional energy created. I could enable my body to heal itself and I could function so much better in a tension free environment. I could create myself anew. A re-birth of sorts. No limits.

I was so enthused by my journey and so grateful to learn all the powerful transformational NLP tools, I knew I would spend the remainder of my life helping others to transform themselves into the person they wanted to be. That's my 'Why' I do what I do.

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Rita works with individuals and groups worldwide through

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