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December 30, 2017


If you want lifelong prosperity and wellness on all levels ensure you align your Hara Lines.   Simple as that.


So what are Hara Lines?   They are the way we connect to the multidimensional universe. When these energetic pathways are not flowing at optimum levels, it affects your whole world. In healing them, it's like a switch is suddenly flipped inside you and you are suddenly able to create health, happiness, success and abundance in your world.


The time has come for us to fully embrace our Multidimensional construction as humans. When we do that we can tap into 5th dimensional energy to assist in making our evolutionary journey easy and effortless. Healing is no longer about striving and work its about yielding and receiving.



The Hara Lines are an aspect of our toroidal field.  Our electromagnetic toroidal field is our source of power.  Food on the other hand is our source of energy.


Toroidal fields are how energy flows in all things.  It’s how energy moves in a closed system such as cells, people the earth, the universe. 


How we stop ourselves from receiving


If we are not healthy, not living in harmony, if success is eluding us and we are living in the consciousness of lack instead of living in abundance consciousness then the reasons are energetic, pure and simple.   There are many reasons why we become energetically disconnected from Source and Earth.    Trauma, whether physical or emotional, can affect the function and calibration of all energetic flows within us, including those of our seven Hara Lines. 


At least three of our Hara Lines, influence our ability to receive.  One line enables us to Navigate successfully through life. Another enables us to connect with and stay focused on our Life Purpose.  Another helps us gracefully receive the abundance the Universe naturally offers us.  Another gives us resilience and yet another gives us physical energy and strength.  That is why I call the seven hara lines the Seven Keys to Health, Harmony, Success and Abundance. 



Hara Lines as psychically perceived



Whilst the hara lines run through the centre of the body from above the head to below the feet they are often more easily psychically perceived in the area of the abdomen in their color, determined by their frequency.  The structure is ‘rope-like’, with the abdomen area being where the smaller strands separate from the Main Hara lines 1 and 2 to create lines 3,4,5,6 and 7.


Hara Line Healing


If the general vibration of our body is low and yet the vibration in the Hara Lines is high, health-wise we will be in excellent shape.  As well as insults other things bring down the vibration.  For example if our stomach and digestive system is vibrating at a low rate it will bring the rest of our body down to the same low vibration, which impacts on our general health.   Fast food, toxicity in food in the form of pesticides, herbicides, and preservatives are low in vibration.


The healing of each Hara Line involves removing any occlusion, truncation, over extension, misalignment, or disconnection from the earth’s core or from Source. 


The lines themselves should not be imagined as one single strand but many strands. Ideally the energy needs to flow through all strands.  Traditionally the analogy for the Hara Lines was the Maypole, and the maypole is a good visual aid to help us visualize the structure of the lines.



Reconnection for Health, wellness and prosperity


Reconnecting our Hara Lines causes health to occur. Connection causes radiant health and enables our connection to abundance consciousness and openness to receive.  It’s that simple. I estimate over 45% of the population are in need of repairs to their hara lines.




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