I'm a holy temple containing the creative power of the Universe ! ......Never !!

If we perceive God or our Creator, the Divine Architect, as being outside of our body then we are buying into the implicit belief that we are merely the creation (children) of a Greater Being without carrying the substance of the Greater Being. As we know children inherit the DNA, behaviors, strategies and beliefs of those who parent or raise them, or both. As the human children of our Divine Architect parents we are inheritors too.

The Source Consciousness that some call God, I prefer the term Divine Architect, began as one unit, existing in stillness. Let us term it Yang energy or the masculine, the father.

Nothing can happen unless there is a polarity or opposite with which to interact. Therefore The Yang Divine Architect chose to move and in moving created space to bring into existence it's opposite. Lets us call that opposite Yin, the feminine, the Mother energy. Two were created from one when it divided itself.

The second energy, the feminine mother energy was created with the ability to conceive, create and the give birth to all her creations. Yang only had the ability to conceive of and create its opposite. Yang gave rise to Yin. Yang has become termed 'masculine' Yin 'feminine'. Yang has the quality of initiating and breaking through. Yin the quality of resilience, receptivity, hosting, creativity.

Yin has the ability therefore to create more units. Yin can give birth to children. Those children contain the energies of the mother Yin and the father Yang.

The children, some may say first born, of the two original Yin and Yang energies are known as Monads. Monad is a greek term meaning unity or one. Monads had the ability to create more smaller versions of themselves because their 'mother' passed on her own ability to create.

The Monads created what we now term Souls.

Similarly Souls. had the ability to create smaller versions of themselves. I chose to call these progeny of Souls 'Soul Aspects'.

Soul aspects are eternal and may chose to incarnate into physical bodies. We humans are of course those physical bodies. We contain the original Yin and Yang energies of Mother/Father God and we inherited their ability to create.

We are all familiar with the phrase: Man was created in the image of God. What we must accept is that God is not anthropomorphic. We as Soul Aspect (or Higher Self) and Mother/Father God are spiritual beings.

Therefore we are divinely designed containers, houses if you will, or 'temples' containing the original creative energy that instigated the beginning of life in the Universe, or the Multiverse to be more precise. There are many Universes but thats a topic for another day.

The video below is an animation of Yang creating Yin to originate life by creating the first toroidal structure. Toroids are required in order to support any life form, from universes, to solar systems, to planets, trees, to individual fruits like apples or peaches, to animals and people. The fractal universe contains repeating patterns from tiny to enormous. The concept of as above so below is another topic for another day.

As we will explore the topic of toroids another day because the Hara Lines are an aspect of one of your many toroidal fields.

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