Want to be a Marigold?

As a friend, companion or partner are you a 'marigold' or a 'walnut' ?

Marigolds, as every gardener knows, keep pests at bay and by their lives encourage healthy abundant root growth in their neighboring plants. They are enabled to do this by naturally inhibiting soil-borne deadly root-knot nematodes. French marigolds are especially talented at luring life threatening nematodes to their death.

Walnut trees on the other hand are particularly selfish in that they prevent their neighbors from flourishing. They can restrict growth in other plants due to the production of a substance called 'juglone', to which other plants are sensitive. Walnuts are best grown in isolation.

Here's a quick quiz just for fun.

Are the following behaviours those of marigold or walnut :

I know happiness is an inside job

I always look around for someone to blame when things go wrong

I trust that if my heart is open I am safe from the slings and arrows of others emotions and behaviours

I stay guarded and distant in order to protect myself from others moods

I often criticize

I have let judgement go because I cannot walk in another's shoes

I always truthfully share my feelings

When I disagree I find staying silent, even though I am fuming inside, is usually the best option

People say I have a high level of EQ

I am more in tune with my own needs than the needs of others

If we want support and co-operation from others, that is available to us as Marigold.

If we want to be Walnut we better be happy in our own company.

Let us appreciate the diversity of nature and accept that each person has their model of the world and whilst we may not agree with it, we accept it because we honor uniqueness. We may however, choose our neighbors.

Answers: M, W, M, W, W, M, M, W, M, W

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