Dog Sledding & finding your life purpose

April 30, 2019

Mother Nature is a wonderful teacher.  The other day I was Dog-Sledding in thigh high snow in the mountains of Quebec Canada, when I was reminded of the fact that the art and science of Human Design* introduces us to the concept that humans naturally come in 5 types, each with special resources and skills they are meant to share. 


Type one, the Manifestors have the energy to initiate, their energy moves outwards and pushes a pathway for others to follow. 

Type two are Generators who have the energy to respond and support, they often take over when the Manifestor runs out of energy because in responsive mode they have an endless supply of energy whereas Manifestors have short bursts of energy when in the mode of getting something going from a standing start. 

Type three are Projectors whose skill is to guide others therefore their energy is at first is receptive then laser focused when directing another. 

Type four are Reflectors whose job is simply to receive and then amplify what is happening in their immediate surroundings. Meaning if those around them are in high vibe mode then the Reflector will enhance that, yet being in the presence of depressed, critical people the Reflector will amplify and reflect that energy into the group. 

Type five are a combination of Manifestor and Generator. Manifesting Generators first respond then can tap into their Manifestor initiator energy to keep a project going and then expand it.


If we are wanting to get a project off the ground ideally we need a Manifestor to initiate, a Generator to maintain, a Projector to direct the team, a Reflector to tell us all how we are doing and a Manifesting Generator to firstly maintain and then initiate higher levels of success.  The strengths and weaknesses of each person come together to create an ideal team.  If a Generator is trying to initiate or a Manifestor is acting like a Generator the team achieves much less if anything at all.  Each to his own is best.




Learning the art of Mushing a Dog Sledding team in the mountain snows of Quebec gave me the opportunity to realize that Alaskan Huskies have to master the art of co-operation and team work.  Each dog's character, personality, strength and weakness is taken into account by the Musher when choosing a team.  The Musher is careful to balance the team.  He picks dogs that get on together to stand beside each other in the harness.  He positions the stronger dogs (often females) at the back of the team closest to the sled.  He chooses smaller but often smarter dogs who know the route to guide the team from the front.  The team with the first sled have to have the strength to forge a trail for those who came after so there will often be more and stronger dogs in the front team.


Matthew our Chief Musher and Trainer explained that he avoids putting an all male team together.  Why? Because they fight and quarrel and are incapable of getting on with the job.  The art is to introduce one female Husky into a male team, that way the males are content and get on with each other.  Interesting, but why is that I asked?  The males naturally recognize the female as Leader Matthew explained.  She is the catalyst for the team's successful performance.  In the natural world of Huskies the female is Queen.  Indeed not only is she key in the continuation of the species, she is the key component in teamwork as a means to success.


In this dog sled analogy the Musher needs to be a Projector, good at putting the right team together.  The Strong dogs are Generators or Manifesting Generators able to keep on going when others are out of steam.  The two smaller dogs who guide the front sled are the Manifestors, blazing the trail.  The rider on the sled is the Reflector who is ideally placed to give feedback on the comfort of the ride.


The dogs have a wonderfully strong work ethic and have an enthusiasm for work rarely seen.  As long as ego's and emotions are minimized in a natural way through the calming influence of the female dogs and as team members they are chosen by the wisdom of the Musher.  They can only achieve as a co-operative pack.  They show their pleasure by singing and their pride by rolling in the snow, after a job well done.  They never hold back.


I believe that we all need to know our natural place in the team we call humanity.  We all have a unique quality that we are meant to share.  We are like a single cell in the body of humanity, albeit one of seven billion, yet still able to influence the whole. 


I believe that there is really only one dis-ease or sickness at the very core of all others and that is not knowing one's place in life or knowing the meaning or purpose of your life.


* Human Design is a revolutionary new tool for our time.  It is the science of differentiation founded by Ra Uru Hu in 1987, a method that accurately reveals the mechanics of how life works and that enables you to successfully navigate through a constantly changing world by being true to your type.  Human Design is a unique catalyst for world transformation one person at a time.


If you'd like to discover your Human Design Type please send me via email through my contact page your Date of Birth, (written in full ie. September 10th 1985)  time of birth, Country (for USA also State) and City of birth and I will send your Human Design Type and a little about using your type to assist in your success..........and all this is my gift to you - free of charge. OFFER ENDS MAY 3rd  2019. You may book a full reading on the bookings page - choose Discovering the Truth of Who You Are, after that date.






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