Sailing into your life purpose

July 23, 2019


At the age of 65 and a bit, I have a new hobby.  Sailing.  My new husband, a sailor of over 60 years standing, comes from a long genealogical line of sailors. Not least, both his paternal and maternal Great Grandfathers, who were both Shipbuilders in the age of wooden vessels.  His Grandfather was also a wooden shipbuilder before steel hulls put an end to that way of life in the 1920's. 


Sailing is an art and a science.  Paul, my husband, is an artist when he skippers a yacht.  He has taught hundreds of others his skills, a few became artists and the rest practically skilled.  The difference between the two is down to innate abilities that cannot be taught or passed on.  You either have it or you don't. 



Paul said that as I had found sailing late in life I would be able to learn the basics but there was not enough time to become the proficient artist.  That's fine with me I have lots of other interests, metaphysical and otherwise, that demand my time. 


I have just written a book about metaphysics.  Paul is reading it as critic and editor at the moment.  He's a big picture person and easily gets overwhelmed by details.  In Chapter Five of my seven chapter book, I speak about Hara Lines.   This morning he said to me, I'm struggling a bit with the amount of detail in this Hara Lines section.  I had to quickly find a metaphor that he would immediately relate to that would give him the big picture.  Of course it had to be about sailing because we have just spent the last 3 days on the water, his 'favorite place to be'. 


There are 7 Hara Lines and I call them the Seven Keys to Health, Harmony, Success and Abundance.  Paul needed a quick way of understanding the function of each of the 7 lines. This is how I explained it: -


Hara Line One connects us to the 'NOW moment. This is where we are most powerful. Most resourceful.  If you were not in the 'now' moment as yacht skipper you would be a poor sailor.


Hara line Two is our connection to INTENTION.  If you had no idea of where you wanted to sail to, would you ever get there?


Hara Line Three is our GPS.  It acts as our secure anchor and helps us navigate through life safely when we want to move forward.


Hara Line four is our ability to RECEIVE information and act on it.  Like listening to the weather forecast and planning the trip accordingly.


Hara Line Five is our INTUITION and sixth sense.  It's how Paul knows the wind will change in the next 5 minutes just because of the way a particular cloud is moving.  It's the innate ability that makes the difference between the artful sailor and the average sailor.


Hara Line Six is RESILIENCE.  It's the way we must approach this sailing experience. Never mind that the jib sheets hit us both in the face last week when we had to sail and tack back to our dock because the engine transmission failed twenty five minutes out of the dock. We made land again safely, if ungracefully.  (It's called a kamikaze landing in yachting parlance).  We asked google what the problem could be with this unfamiliar engine that's been in our possession for only 4 weeks.  Discovered we needed to top up with more transmission fluid.  Went to purchase some, then left home again two hours later.  I'm learning 'Never give up'  is the motto of the seasoned sailor.


Hara Line Seven is STRENGTH.  Paul has sailed in races that last for many days. Where three hours as Skipper, on watch or on deck, and three hours sleep or rest, in the cabin below, is the order of the day.  His Transatlantic races lasted for 12 to 20 days depending on wind conditions.  Having slept on a boat I know how much it takes simply to sleep in calm conditions. Boats are terribly noisy places in the middle of the night.  I cannot imagine sleeping in the middle of a competitive race, in a gale force wind, while your crew mates shout instructions to each other .  Paul can do just that, plus get out of the bunk,  get the coffee on, get out on deck in wet weather gear, day after day after day and still come back for more.


Imagine if one or more of these seven ways of being was offline.  Would it impact the ability to be a good sailor.  You bet it would.


The ocean is the stage for the sailor to perform.  Life is our stage, and our hara lines enable us to sail easily through the emotional, mental, and spiritual storms we encounter as we transit through the lessons of this earth school curriculum.


Hara Lines are our source of power.  Food is our source of energy. 


The hara lines help to keep us on Purpose. To heal ourselves. To live in abundance consciousness.  To release our karma. To co-create with intention. To become more aligned with our Higher Selves. To become awakened and self realized.


The Hara Lines are the way we connect to the multidimensional universe. When these energetic pathways are not flowing at optimum levels, it affects our whole world. In re-connecting and aligning them, it's like a switch is suddenly flipped inside us and we are suddenly able to create health, happiness, success and abundance. 


There are many reasons why we become energetically disconnected from Source and Earth.   Trauma, whether physical or emotional, can affect the function and calibration of all energetic flows within us, including those of our Hara Lines, chakras, meridians, subtle bodies and auric field.

The Hara Lines are an aspect of our toroidal field. Toroidal fields are how energy flows in all things. Toroidal fields  look like a donut with a tiny hole.  See image below.   It’s how energy moves in a closed system such as cells, people, the earth, the universe.  


Now you know why I call the 7 Hara Lines the Seven Keys to Health, Harmony, Success and Abundance.  


Go Well.



read more about the Hara Dimension




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