We are all familiar with the What You See Is What You Get acronym.

WYAIWYA however will be new to you. I just made it up. This initialism, (it's not an acronym because you can't pronounce it easily as a word) is an important one to understand if you are goal setting, intending to use the law of Attraction or the Law of Magnetism to enhance your life.

WYAIWYA : What You Are Is What You Attract.

If we want trustworthy people in our lives, guess what?

We must be trustworthy ourselves.

If we want a loving partner, guess what?

We must be loving ourselves.

If we want loyalty in others, guess what?

We must be loyal to others ourselves.

OK so you get the drift.

And in the end you love you take is equal to the love you make

Lyrics from The End by the Beatles

The other day a client said to me "Why is it that I keep choosing the same wrong partners?"

I replied "there must still be something you need to learn about yourself. Every partner will push buttons to encourage us to learn a lesson. As soon as we learn the lesson then we can stop having those buttons pushed. We will then choose a different kind of partner. We can only attract what we are. If we love ourselves and accept ourselves then we can attract others who will do that too".

If you need a technical explanation for this phenomenon then here it is: Like attracts like when it comes to frequencies. We’re talking energy here. Every thought you have, or more accurately every thought you create, is made of energy. Like the ripples of a stone on the surface of a pond your thought energy can spread far and wide, without limits. Our thoughts escape and exude from us and in that way are not kept secretly within us. Our thoughts can be 'received' like radio waves by other people and the receiver then acts on the energy either consciously or unconsciously.

Higher frequencies are more energetic. Energy is either dense or less dense, brighter or darker, higher or lower in vibration, thicker or thinner - its inappropriate to apply a judgement to energy so avoid thinking of energy as positive or negative, good or bad. Just realize that the energy of hate attracts hate. The energy of fear attracts fear. The energy of kindness attracts kindness. And so on. It's in your power to be that which you want to attract into your life.

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