Are we under house arrest for being human?

BIG PHARMA COUP being peddled as natural crisis.

Calling all Lightworkers to anchor the true Light. Raise your vibration. Release the fear and anxiety because by holding onto it you are contributing to the transformation of humanity into transhumans.

Humanity is deeply mired within a deliberate orchestration of targeted spiritual warfare designed explicitly to generate ripples of panic and terror in the mind, in order to control perception about the nature of reality.

There is a consciousness war raging for the future direction, spiritual freedom and sovereignty of humanity on the earth, rather than a mysterious devastating viral plague.

The CV19 organism is genetically modified and is the most recent of a long line of bio weapons released onto an unsuspecting humanity. This is a Coup by Big Pharma to ensure legislation mandates what measures we are free to take to keep ourselves healthy. More and more Vaccines will be mandatory for children. More children will have their spiritual bodies damaged and their souls distanced from them as a result of the genetic manipulation and toxicity via vaccines. More children will be the victims of the transhumanism agenda, will be autistic and will never have a chance to evolve and ascend out of this prison planet and the wheel of rebirth.

This current pseudo-emergency is also an exercise in eugenics and de-population. Elderly and infirm folk are particularly susceptible .

It is also a highway for the roll out of the One World Order. People will beg for a route out of this chaos. NWO will be offered as the only solution. That will be like asking the Big Bad Wolf to save you from itself.

It is also a Psyops Mind Control Exercise to get people to agree to a cashless society (narrative- money is dirty and harbours germs) and ID2020 (the human chipping program that will record all our personal information and will give us entry into and exclusion from financial and government programs).

And it’s to stop the pushback against 5G. 5G will bring Electromagnetic Radiation sickness to levels never before seen. EMR sickness can mimic flu and cold symptoms as the body attempts to detoxify itself (ummm, thinks!).

Never mind the complete destruction of the economy and small businesses. A governmentally mandated bankruptcy of anything that poses a threat to Hegemony and Globalist Corporatocracy.

There was a plan for Full Disclosure of the Alien interactions with the Military Industrial Complex that have been taking place since before WWII. This manufactured crisis was to prevent that Disclosure rom taking place.

If you feel that the ‘Fall’ of man was a naturally occurring event. Think again. There are Alien races, some of them hybrids and Artificial Intelligence, that ‘farm’ the energy from human souls, and abuse or use Earth’s inhabitants for their own selfish agenda. There have been three major ‘falls’ of man. The original downfall, which became known as 'original sin', occurred some 250 million years ago and was genetically engineered by off world beings for their own ends. The main fall was half a million years ago from the higher harmonic universe to our 3D Earth. In addition, there was the Luciferic Rebellion in 25,500 BC. 'Luciferic' (the false light) could be said to depict the distortions in consciousness arising from excess masculine energy. Long story short the Luciferic Rebellion resulted in our Merkabas changing spin into reverse. This gave rise, to shadow selves being created. Severe DNA mutations of life forms on Earth have been the result of this tampering. Since 2012 there have been many influxes of Divine Light from the One Eternal Source to assist us in healing our Templates from this abuse. This current declaration of emergency and removal of freedom to choose how we take care of our health, is just one more insult designed to de-humanise us and take our divinely decreed power. The psyops and weaponization of the narrative dupe humans into creating the matrix of enslavement instead of the matrix of freedom and sovereignty.

Calling all Lightworkers to anchor the true Divine Eternal Light. Raise your vibration. This is the only solution. It’s not about fighting against anything, because that gives it power. It’s just about releasing the fear and anxiety because by holding onto it you are contributing to your own demise.

May I suggest you join with other Lightworkers and say the following invocation to assist yourself:

I lovingly command every function in my entire body to be fully directed in the intent, consent and authority of my highest expression, my Christ-Self, Eternal God-Self. All contents, structures and devices within my body and consciousness, known or unknown to me now are completely governed by the Law of One, in Cosmic Sovereign Law. I AM God-Sovereign-Free!

And join us in the World Peace Prayer.

May we gather together on the inner and outer planes in Perfect Peace and allow our Loving hearts to lead the way forward. May peace be with our heart, mind and body during these chaotic times.

This is a brief overview. If you would like more full information email me and I will send you my complete article.

With thanks to some input from Lisa Renee

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