Spiritual Immune System enhancement

We are at a crossroads. Humanity is in a critical time of choosing the way we will evolve forward on the timelines at a global level. There are two timelines. Let’s call one the ‘2012 Ascension Timeline’ and the other the ‘2020 Continue Devolving Timeline’.

The Ascension Timeline is a divinely orchestrated opportunity for each human being to reclaim the connection with the Soul and Higher Self and re-set our divine blueprint in order to free ourselves from self-imposed limitations, such as fear, insecurity and not feeling good enough.

In order to support this Timeline we need to engender love instead of fear. We need to be kind hearted and open minded. We need to use our imagination and creativity to imagine a world we would love to live in. A life-affirming world of freedom, liberty, equality and love. Where we exist as Sovereign Beings. Self-Sovereignty is inherently a human right given through Eternal Source and the Universal Laws, expressed through the Law of One (ie. we are all connected) , which describes the laws that direct the complex quantum mechanics which govern the movement of consciousness throughout time and space.

If we buy into the the current terrain of aggressive spiritual warfare against humanity, mind control, the propaganda, the big pharma deception tactics orchestrated through the World Health Organisation and the Centre for Disease Control, and the UN, we are by default helping the Controllers anchor their death-culture timeline of depopulation, eugenics, sickness, enslavement, lack of freedom, control, coercion and continued devolution. The more we imagine a future of limited mobility, increased military force, weaponization of the narrative, fear of genetically modified viruses, propaganda and mind control the more we are building our own prison. We are choosing to continue on the ‘Devolving Timeline’.

Divine Source is currently transmitting Light into the cellular matrix and tissues of the physical body. This has the function of expanding consciousness via the activation and embodiment of our higher spiritual selves. If we are to stay on course in this current crisis of consciousness warfare, we will need to be aware of the existence of both our biological and our spiritual immune system, and take steps to nourish and keep both of these systems functional. The majority are unaware that all human beings have a Spiritual Immune System as well as a Biological immune system. These are interdependent systems that function together to protect our living body and consciousness from foreign invaders and negative forces. Our sense of spirituality and how we perceive our relationship to our higher power is directly related to our immune system functioning and its effect upon our health and wellbeing.

The development of our Spiritual Immune System enhances our ability to cope with stress. Our health and sanity are connected to educating ourselves about our biological and spiritual immune systems, not about the mass injection of mandated vaccines enforced by those ultimately serving the tyrannical forces of the Fascist New World Order. The powerful multi-dimensional forces present in our spiritual light body support our Spiritual Immune System. The human lightbody is comprised of multiple interconnected layers of electromagnetic fields of energy that extend all around the physical body like an energy shield covering and protecting all of the layers of the consciousness bodies. Ascension is an expansion of consciousness. This expansion occurs when our spiritual-energetic bodies connect into our physical bodies. This enables the activation of our Spiritual Immune System. Our Spiritual Immune System needs proper nourishment in order to function well. Just as our physical immune system requires nutrients and sustenance to be effective at deflecting and neutralizing negative pathogenic forces.

The nourishment our Spiritual Immune System requires is spiritual knowledge and truthful information. The knowledge that we are multidimensional electromagnetic spiritual beings with a lightbody that explicitly belongs to us is critical information at this time. The activation of our Spiritual Immune System enables us to deflect rampant parasitic energies.

The current psychological operation is being directed towards destroying access to the truth.

I have written a book called Finding Truth Finding Health (available soon) that reveals the truth needed in order to evolve spiritually.

It is crucial we wake up to the mass deceptions we have been fed by the Illuminati and Black Sun Controllers using the mainstream media. These deceptions have been deployed in force since before the Second World War through the work of the Nazi’s, Fascists, Communists, and so called Socialists (who hijacked the term and inverted it). Essentially it is our consciousness bodies and Spiritual Immune System that are currently under targeted attack. This is being perpetrated in order to weaken our spirit and de-humanize us.

The conditioned masses submit without resistance to the blind obedience of the Controller’s orchestrated plan, for installing a global government which will enforce fascist tyranny.

When we activate and connect with our heart presence and inner spirit, exploring what is truly meaningful in our lives, this conscious participation with divinity also greatly protects human beings from the harmful onslaught of dark forces. Whether these forces are seen or unseen, known or unknown, the loving and pure heart that has the faith or direct experience that connects to divinity without intermediary is what protects us. This activates and powers up our inner Spiritual Immune System, repelling the darkest fears and anxieties that cloud our minds with deceptions and lies that are being spread by the Controllers to attempt to force submission and consent to their enslavement agendas. When we are spiritually stronger, we can sense the harmful intent and refuse to submit to immoral laws being put in place by tyrants. During this time of the dark night of the soul which is leading humanity to a global awakening, this is a great opportunity to deeply inquire within and reclaim our inherent divinity.

Expansion of our consciousness in order to reflect upon the interconnection of all of humanity undergoing this tribulation, being aware that we must overcome our fears of survival and any erroneous perceptions of what happens after death of the physical vehicle, will assist us decide what kind of world we want to live in. What kind of quality of life and freedoms do we want for our children and grandchildren?

Spiritual Immunity Strengthens Physical Immunity

When we are meditating we are placing our attention on our lightbody at the Avatar Christos level which helps strengthen, protect and grow our personal consciousness body, which further generates and energizes the Spiritual Immune System. A person with a bigger and brighter organic energy aura is more healthy, coherent and balanced, which in turn nourishes the cells with vital forces that help to protect, strengthen and heal the physical body from states of dis-ease or dysfunction.

Every human cell is conscious and if the cells are exposed to toxins they will activate a detoxification process and literally push out a package of the toxic material through the cell wall. This package of ‘trash’ has been termed a virus. It is just trash that the leukocytes in the immune system dispose of. This analogous to the way bags of trash are collected from outside your home. There is a spiritual component to the so called ‘CV19 virus’. A level of intelligence. The energetic signature component of the virus will attempt to avoid the leukocyte disposal service and seek continued existence by spreading and multiplying itself. To do this it must migrate into the body of a suitable host. The host must have a matching frequency. Therefore, if detoxification is brought about by raising ones vibration, the ‘virus’ is a package of low vibrational trash. The trash must then find a lower vibrational person or host, in which to take up residence and multiply.

The immune system’s function is to fully eliminate the toxic exposure or foreign invasion of pathogenic material, along with its energetic components, from infecting the body. The immune system activity may produce an assortment of physical symptoms. These are the symptoms of the flu. Thus, viral flu symptoms reveal that our immune system is working as it should to destroy the pathogenic invasion or toxic exposure.

Ascension flu is caused whenever the planetary body is rapidly increased into another ascension based frequency pattern. The human cells must then drop the density pattern of toxic waste or miasmatic patterns to attune the cells to adjust into the higher frequency levels. This is one component that is actually happening now during the current crisis events. Flu like symptoms should not be feared but understood as the healthy response of a working immune system.

The key to restoring energetic balance and maintaining health for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies is to understand that we must sustain an abundant amount of life force energy to circulate throughout our lightbody anatomy and physical structures in order to nurture our Spiritual Immune System. Both of our immune systems require the circulation of life force energy through the consumption of healthy and pure food, water, breathing fresh air, as well as a maintaining a healthy mental and emotional diet with adequate rest, self-care and time for prayer and meditation. Connecting with our inner spirit and Creator Source intentionally every day through prayer and meditation strengthens our life force and physical immunity, as well as increases the spiritual strength of our lightbody to withstand an array of challenging situations and pathogenic invaders.

This CV19 is a laboratory created, Artificial Intelligence hybrid ,viral organism, that has been programmed with a dark intelligence signature that is magentised to ‘like’ vibrations. The like vibrations are other soft kill methods. For example, silent stealth weapons, such as AI signals, Silent Sound Technology, microwave radiation crowd control, 5G, Smartdust, and nanotech created with intent to harm. As a result, CV19 can be used as a ‘carrier wave’ for combining the effects of an assortment of seen and unseen poisons and toxins. The CV19 was designed to interconnect with several layers of control infrastructures, for the greater purpose of harvesting astral soul energy in the form of fear.

The Black Suns version of their One World Order timeline is for the purpose of anti-human agendas. They are using genetic modification to destroy organic human DNA . The enforced policies of the World Health Organization are in support of the transhumanism agenda. Big Pharma and the vaccine industry are in the business of creating sickness not health.

If you feel a rapid energy loss then stop and ask yourself ‘what am I exposing myself to’.

Seek an increase in life force energy. Indulge in what raises your consciousness. Do what makes you happy. Do what feeds your heart. This fortifies the Spiritual Immune System.

When a person is spiritually dedicated, they are supporting strength in their spiritual bodies. When resonating in a group consciousness and creating a unified field, the group will synchronize together to help harmonize and support the elevation of the earth grid and humanity with it.

A cleaned up subconscious mind along with a strong Spiritual Immune System helps us to more easily withstand and defend ourselves to overcome psychic attacks. Dark force manipulation and targeted weaponry used on the interdimensional planes can weaken our physical health on the earth plane. In all matters of personal health, wellbeing and spiritual development, first and foremost we should engage with our Higher Self as our true healing physician.

This event is not about a mysterious virus, it is about the orchestration of spiritual warfare being committed on a global scale to target the human lightbody. The trauma-based mind control that is targeting the masses through gaslighting tactics and psychological warfare, is explicitly designed to target the subconscious mind to incite terror and panic through the perception of a random and invisible lethal enemy. It is designed by the Controllers to get people to automatically give up their human rights through the abuse of spiritual principles, in order to get the individual to reject their soul and divinity entirely. To intentionally shut down the transmission of loving interactions and heart-based soul messages between people and the benevolent Divine forces that are here to help humanity ascend.

Frequency transmissions of zero-point can help the body regain strength and its immunity. Current mainstream science does not understand this concept. Our cells are living sentient components that are constantly communicating with each other to help us maintain cellular integrity for optimum health. Each of our cells are responding to the consciousness vibration that we hold in our body, along with the environmental forces and electromagnetic signals they receive as the result of what we are interacting with or are being exposed to. If our cells cannot get enough life force energy to function efficiently, our health and immunity will become compromised, our tissues and organs will become compromised and this brings the onset of illness and disease. The answer is to raise your Light quotient.

The big question is how to do that.

Action Plan

  • Align your Hara Lines

  • Connect with your Higher Self and give the following commands. Waiting for a moment and trusting your intuition to let you know when to give the next command.

  • Give me what I need and enhance my Higher Self's ability to assess which DNA sequence is being triggered and activated due to a Black Sun AI stimulus.

  • Give me what I need and reject recoding information and or DNA resequencing instructions from Black Sun AI viruses or molecules and completely remove all such entities from my system.

  • Give me what I need and stop replication and make inert and then safely remove any Black Sun virus from my entire being

  • Remove all negatively associated symptoms and their causes from my body, mind and spirit continuously at maximum speed starting now.

  • Give me what I need and if there is are any adjustments you can make to my behavior that will raise my vibration make these changes continuously now and forever starting now.

  • Meditate using my haric alignment meditation available on request. You will receive Frequency transmissions of zero-point energy that can help the body regain strength

  • Ensure all SMART meters are removed from your homes.

  • Join the movement to stop 5G

  • Stop keeping cell phones on your body.

  • Use only remote headsets or speakers when you use cell phones

  • Turn off your home wi-fi router at night

  • Put your cell phone in airplane mode at night

  • Sleep in a room devoid of cell phones and computers

  • Switch off the wi-fi connection on your computer at night

  • Get outside in the sun as often as you can

  • Love yourself - Self care should be top of your agenda. Do what nourishes you.

  • Stop listening to mainstream media

  • Stop watching TV

  • Stop reading mainstream newspapers

  • Become discerning so you may recognise the mainstreaming of Black Sun Satanism [sometimes called the death-culture due to the prevailence of blood sacrifice] - read my previous blog entitled 3 Questions and Answers for more info.

  • Develop a strong moral character

  • Be mindful – it improves mental flexibility, brain elasticity and keeps neurons active

  • Avoid GMO foods

  • Eat organic where possible

  • Stop consuming fast food

Say the following invocation daily:

I lovingly command every function in my entire body to be fully directed in the intent, consent and authority of my highest expression, my Higher Self, My Avatar Self. All contents, structures and devices within my body and consciousness, known or unknown to me now are completely governed by the Eternal Divine Law of One, in Cosmic Sovereign Law. I AM and We Are Divinely created and Sovereign-Free!

And join us daily in the World Peace Prayer.

May we gather together on the inner and outer planes in Perfect Peace and allow our Loving hearts to lead the way forward. May peace be with our heart, mind and body during these chaotic times. I choose the Ascension Timeline.


Whoever controls the mind controls the Soul. Mind control is used to form socially acceptable belief systems and shape spiritually harmful value systems, which are used to control the masses to enslave themselves on planet earth. The Controllers used 'Problem, Reaction and Deceitful Solution' by inventing an invisible enemy that is used, through propaganda tactics to control perception that this virus poses a threat to human survival.

Choose to contribute your creative genius to support higher expression for the human collective to manifest a better world together on our chaotic but ascending planet. Choose the Ascension Timeline.


With grateful thanks for input by Lisa Renee at Energetic Synthesis www.energeticsynthesis.com and Coby Zvickler at Empower Disc https://empowerdisc.co.uk

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