At the Precipice of evolutionary change

At this time people who are awake are asking what can we do to stop the spread of globalist tyranny, fascism, (definition: corporations control the government), and communism (definition: the government controls the corporations), ensure our human rights, freedom of speech and real democracy?

My response, in short is:

  1. Learn the true history of this planet over the last 228,000 years

  2. Raise your vibration through evolutionary practices of your choice

  3. Ensure you vibrate to the frequency of love (avoid dropping into the low vibration of fear).

It will take only 1% of the population to be fully awake and vibrating high enough to carry the planet into our Ascension Timeline which is already there and just waiting for us to choose it. My fellow Lightworkers, Starseeds and Indigos, as Soul Aspects we volunteered for this job as we are all more than qualified to do it.

We are at a precipice and this is the third time humanity has been here. We must choose the Ascension Timeline timeously now or the opportunity is lost for another 26,000 years.

Lisa Renee at came to earth as an adult ‘Walk In’ retaining her full memory. Lisa teaches the true history of Earth and our Solar System. She has come specifically to guide us through this time of finally freeing ourselves from slavery, and reclaiming our divine Christos template, which was gradually and consistently genetically modified out of our DNA in the 'three falls of man' by Archons whose agenda has been playing out on Earth for 228,000 years.

This is a small section of Lisa’s latest article that she calls HOW TO QUELL PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

We all have been here before, standing at a precipice of major evolutionary change where the same choices were presented to us, Love or Fear.

Much of the current crisis and the themes we are facing now are steeped in our hidden Galactic history.

How do we actually choose a different future, an ascending timeline that benefits all human beings?

This is how. If we can do our part to stay out of fear and continually choose love and peace, we can create a link through time in which our present timeline can phase lock into the future timeline of the Christos realignment, where spiritual freedom and human freedom has already manifested.

As we restore energetic balance to the planetary architecture and energy grid networks, to be governed by Universal Laws, we establish the new laws to be made manifest through our physical body. All change begins within the self. As each of us holds value for all life, we are empowered to be a positive force of spiritual transcendence that restores energetic balance, which increases our discernment in choosing to demonstrate life affirming actions for ourselves and humanity.

Humanity has met the Precipice of Evolution in a timeline of personal choice which pushes us even harder to look deep inside of ourselves for greater answers. We have to pay attention to who is lying to us and know the reasons why. This is the time to openly consider what the consequences will be if we allow those that are malevolently lying to the masses, be given the power to guide us to the next destination. Thus, no matter what our belief system, we must go beyond, in order to seek the truth and decide what kind of value systems have meaning for us in how we want to live and co-exist with each other. Together, we have immense spiritual support to find innovative and creative ways to reshape our global societal system to support pro-human values which increase our energetic health and ensure the wellbeing of our future progeny. Do we want to do the right thing for preserving human freedoms for the future, and if so, what is our personal piece in this global awakening puzzle? Can we stand up for our inherent human rights and for the rights of the human collective to have access to truthful information, demanding full disclosure, doing the right thing in the face of widespread tyrannical control?

More people are exploring who, and what, they have been in consent with, in the fear-based narratives. As cracks in the veneer are starting to show, many are making radical changes in their perceptions of the reality. This phase of the mass global psyop has revealed many examples of those controlling forces enmeshed in the shadow government facades and unelected officials working for the deep state. Those perpetrating their own agenda are gleefully exploiting power grabs from those less advantaged and being positioned to grossly profit from severe abuses of power. Many people are still reeling in shock from how fast our entire world has changed in a matter of weeks, at the hands of these psychopathic Controlling forces that are desperate to seize control over the global population, especially within the western power centers, at any cost.

We are at a fork in the road of shifting timelines, the Precipice of Evolution requires that humanity think for themselves to determine the actual motivations and beliefs behind what is actually happening to purposely terrorize and enslave humanity in the current world events. It’s time to rise up with the courage to make the correct decisions needed to co-create a future world that supports human beings with the resources needed in order to evolve forward as a race of free people, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We must remember we have choice and consent in where we put our resources, our time, energy and attention. We do not have to be slaves to the technocracy and the artificial intelligence drones, as has been meticulously planned out by the Archon Negative Alien Agenda Invaders.

We may have believed that we lived in a relatively free democratic society but in the last weeks of peering into the Precipice of Evolution, it has been made clear to many people that we do not. A very small few are attempting to take tyrannical control over every aspect of our personal lives.

The core spiritual essence in the heart of humanity is being intentionally attacked and threatened through the unyielding propaganda of fear, to erode any sense of connection, or feelings of compassion and empathy for our fellow humans. That which makes us truly human is our heart-based empathy for one another, the sense of belonging as we connect with the human beings that are around us. Humanity is wired for connection and the pleasure and bond we can feel when we interact with each other is something we must cultivate and protect.

As the medical tyranny increases, for those that were already sick and approaching their time to pass over while in nursing homes and hospitals, many have been left to die completely isolated and alone. There are humans that are being subjected to draconian measures of extreme cruelty, separated from family and friends, without a loving and caring human to hold their hand as they passed into the next realm. This is a good example of the intentional outer programing of irrational fear used to incite a lack of empathy in humanity, this is inhumane and cruel behavior that is being conditioned as perfectly normal in the death culture of our Invader Controllers. As we walk this razor thin line in the Precipice of Evolution, we must decide if we are willing to accept this next stage of imposed dehumanization, we must decide what is the governing principle of human society, love or fear.

Stripping Humanity of Personal Freedom

The Controllers are attempting to psychologically beat us into submission with this plandemic in order to get us to passively accept their anti-human vision of AI technocracy policing our every move. Identification tattoos, nanotech biosensors, neural links, and automated robots that replace natural human connections and intimacy. This transhumanism agenda to unleash the AI demon into the global grids is designed to break apart any last vestiges of human authenticity, curtailing the ability to freely express human kindness. It’s interfering with heart-based interactions between real and organic people. The vision being painted for our dystopian future by our Deep State Shadow Government and their Masters, is that we fearfully hide behind our enforced burka-esque uniform of masks, gloves and hazmat suits, spraying disinfectants. Every ready for every next cycle of mysterious plandemic outbreak.

Suspending our lives for the deceptive promise that we will develop herd immunity only with each newly designed GMO mandated vaccine and inserted nanotech chips. This is not about human health it is about holding people hostage while they intend to destroy. Human health, human economic autonomy and personal sanity are all threatened. We have to see the motivations leading to the desired end results of this dark anti-human agenda very clearly, before we are able to come together as a unified group that is fully equipped to stop it.

The western value system that was intended to uphold the constitutional liberties and human rights for all peoples is taking the last stand through those brave individuals who love personal freedom and recognize the many dangers behind the current draconian ordinances. The carefully planned policies to limit human freedom are being synchronized and put into place now in all of the westernized governments, which historically happens just before a major coup attempt. All is being orchestrated to generate consent into the fall of tyranny, with the shadow government rising to enforce the One World Order. We are teetering on that precipice. The first step that must happen is that we must awaken from our slumber, and stop believing the deceptions of the invisible puppet masters and their mouth piece representatives, in order to see exactly ‘who is who’, through their lies and enforcement of totalitarian objectives, to know why this lockdown is really happening.

Disclosure about our true history and who we really are can only happen if more people are willing to use critical thinking and common sense while doing some due diligence in researching the actual facts, and are willing to face some dark and unpleasant truths in the process of that discovery down the rabbit hole.

Thus, we should do what we can to pray for and support the brave heroes and champions of humanity that are rising now to courageously speak and give their personal testimony to the public about the dark cabal’s deep webs of corruption. Those many Doctors, Scientists, Authors and Whistleblowers who are risking their careers and lives to share truthful information about their research into the many crimes made against humanity. We must be willing to look at the web of darkness in the environment in order to be able to clearly see these orchestrated attacks that are crippling personal freedoms, and by identifying the psychological warfare tactic being used to subjugate minds. This phase is not about the virus or public health, it is about the aggressive psychological terrorism the Controllers are purposely inflicting upon the population.

To overcome this phase of darkness, we have to see how the dark agenda of the Controllers betrayed humanity and deceived us into believing their false narratives, so we will not make the same mistakes again. We have to see where we have misplaced our trust by allowing the continuation of rampant abuses of power that are designed to further enslave humanity. Therefore, we have to be willing to face the abusers and their lies in order to see the crimes they have made against humanity, and begin to honestly forgive ourselves for allowing these spiritually sick and depraved people to gain such power to tyrannically rule over our lives. We will experience emotional pain from fully realizing this great betrayal. The Power Elite groups believe they are above the common Rule of the Law. They believe that they cannot be judged for their crimes against humanity because they have for many years placed in full sight their agenda via movies and books and we have not rebelled against it because the majority believed it could not become true. How many believed in the Matrix. How many took Collateral Damage to be anything other than fiction. Think about all the sci-fi movies you have seen and ask yourself what if that storyline was becoming true. How many agreed to the erosion of humanitarian rights simply by not doing anything or not even seeing the writing on the wall? How many read 1984 by Orwell and thought it was just a novel? Did you notice the destroying of constitutional rights? The people of earth will have to rise to stand together to take the accounting and then decide the consequences which lead to the path of tyranny or freedom.

Tyranny or Freedom, Choosing Love or Fear

Thus, for those of us taking part in this global awakening each of us must re-educate ourselves to better understand our true spiritual origins and hidden history, to more accurately assess the collective human race issues that we currently face in the challenges of the present environment. We all have been here before, standing at this precipice of major evolutionary change during the time of the Fall of the First World. The same choices were presented to us, Love or Fear. We must pay attention to the signs and patterns in our world and learn to evolve and change from the destructive experiences we know happened from the past histories. Much of the current crisis and themes we are facing now are steeped in our hidden Galactic history, the historical timeline trigger events that have been stolen from our memories and are replaying themselves in multiple dimensions of time, again and again. They keep replaying these same destructive patterns from the past histories in developing human consciousness, stunting our growth forward until we understand how to evolve past these previous experiences and emotional themes, in which we must choose love over fear. When we study the past patterns and learn from our mistakes, we can actually choose a different future for ourselves, an ascending timeline that benefits all human beings.

We must remember how to believe in ourselves again and have faith in our innate divinity in order to break free from the fear-based mind control used by outer dark forces. When we are inner-connected we see through their tactics designed for the purpose of subjugation, to passively accept this global tyranny of fear being enforced by the Controlling humans and nonhumans. These Controlling groups are the tiny minority on the earth and yet they have successfully conditioned us into fear, through sophisticated social engineering and technological mind control for many millennia. To shape us to blindly accept what we are being told without questioning, whereby the human race passively accepts the fear based narrative and imposed limitations for enacting various means of consciousness enslavement.

Please join with us in our Invocation:

May we gather together in Perfect Peace and allow our Loving hearts to lead the way forward. May peace be with our hearts, minds and bodies during these chaotic times.

NB: Please ensure you stay hydrated to support your presently naturally occuring evolution into your crystalline state. Your nervous system needs water to function well.

This adapted and shortened article was originally published by Lisa Renee and can be read in its entirety on Lisa’s website With Gratitude to Lisa for her service to humanity.

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