Mass Stage Hypnotism

When I completed my training in Hypnosis there were two choices open to me. Become a stage Hypnotist, or become a Hypnotherapist and help people by using hypnosis in a healing context. I chose the latter and the rest as they say is history (or in my case herstory).

During a stage hypnotist’s act, a select few members of the audience are chosen during a special selection process. The chosen ones are the ones who are more susceptible to, and more willing, to act on the hypnotist suggestions. The ones least likely to have ‘fear of being controlled’ because they want to ‘be on stage’. Consequently, they do the Hypnotists bidding and walk the stage clucking like a chicken or some such funny antics to make the audience laugh. They have no recollection after the event because the hypnotist tells them to forget.

Every new Hypnotherapy client of mine experienced ‘fear of being controlled’ and in order to let them know they could choose to be firmly in control, not me, I would teach the person self-hypnosis. They were responsible for creating their own hypnotic state.

Adolf Hitler was seeking a way of mind controlling the German people and in response his researchers created a primitive form of Television. After the war the research was continued in the USA and the Baird company marketed the first home TV. The rest is also history.

TV is, and always has been, a propaganda tool. People are unknowingly allowing themselves to be both hypnotised and controlled by watching it. They do not realise that when they sit down and ‘relax’ in front of the TV they are placing themselves in a hypnotic state. They are ripe to be conditioned and given suggestions about how to behave and what to think. They have no clue that they are being ‘used’ as pawns in a chess game of worldwide proportions. The controllers being the Globalists with an Agenda the World Economic Forum calls Agenda 2030. A plan to reduce the population, remove the rights and freedoms of the humans who are left, delete the middle class, and make sure all the wealth, good quality food, property and fertile land, ends up in the hands of the Elite. A plan to ensure Big Pharma continues to milk the population dry financially, through harmful allopathic treatments, and eventually kill them in the process. A plan to roll out Communitarianism, a hybrid of Communism, Marxism, extreme left Socialism, and Fascism with a sprinkling of inverted ‘eco green’.

What we are currently experiencing with ConTrick19 is mass stage hypnosis in an inverted form. The difference being that the few people in the audience (16% of the population are red pill and awake), are the only ones who can see the remaining 84% on the stage are being conned, taken in by an enormous hoax of gigantic proportions. The 84% are being encouraged to continue taking the blue pill. They are quivering behind their masks, fearful of other people’s breath. Their fear of an unseen enemy, that they have been hypnotised to believe is dangerous, is causing them to lack critical thinking. If they used rational questioning they would immediately see that a 99.9+% survival rate after a mild bout of flu is not in the least bit dangerous. Instead they accept without question the hypnotist’s scaremongering suggestions. In order to wake up all they have to do is switch off the TV. In order to regain full control of their own mind and freewill all they have to do is stop watching the mainstream news. The solution is within their control yet they choose to remain powerless. Which indicates the depth of the hypnotic suggestible state they have allowed themselves to experience.

Are you in the 84% on stage or in the 16% audience?

Will you continue to permit yourself to be kept in fear or choose to open your eyes wide? It’s time for us all to break the chains of mind-controlled tyranny. The media is fuelling hate and rage. Stop watching the propaganda and do some research. Become a truth-seeker. Here’s a few great links to get you started:

Stunt Man Mike Smith's excellent documentary Out of Shadows about Hollywoods role in mind control

Dr Rashid Buttar.

Sayer Ji.

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