The Gold Body Activation

The Solstice on December 21st 2020 sees the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and is catalysing the themes of the current global shift towards liberation, truthfulness and disclosure*. The Piscean Age finally moves out and the Age of Aquarius continues to move in. Saturn finally moves to a place where its energy of oppression and control ceases to have power over us.

Our blueprint is being re-configured which includes the Gold Sun DNA earth blueprint which is our Angelic Human Gold Sun Solar Body** which acts as the Ascending Vehicle for all humanity on the earth.

Please join us in adding to the Light and Unity Consciousness on Earth by spending some time in meditation visualizing the fifth dimensional Age of Aquarius which brings rebellious yet positive change, new beginnings, transparency, and freedom from enslavement for all. Thousands around the world will be contributing to the Light. We are gathering momentum to align with the Ascension Timeline for the greater good of all humanity. We are given the opportunity to align with our full purpose and with the divine plan to lift the earth into the fifth dimension. To co-create with our Mother/Father God a new world where we are all God Sovereign Free individuals and yet working together in a Synocratic*** way for the betterment of mankind as a whole.

Connect to Source and Earth, align your Hara Lines, go into your Space of Pure Potential in the Higher Heart and then begin by saying……

'I am' my I am presence and 'We Are' the collective I am presence of every person on Earth. What I carefully, positively, visualize for myself this day I do for the whole of humanity. As I breathe deeply and consciously in and out, a reactivation and initiation into multi dimensional awareness is occurring within me. I choose to unfold and experience a higher level of consciousness. I am increasing my vibration in alignment with the three fold flame of the Divine Trinity; Father God, Mother God and the wisdom of Sophia and Christ Consciousness.

I choose to yield now, to release and let go by inverting to zero point within my Space of Pure Potential, low vibrational emotions, attachments and behaviour patterns that have ceased to serve me or that are no longer germane to my present life or moment. I release all shadow patterns that act as blocks to re-claiming my divine angelic blueprint. I release from all levels, especially from the cellular levels and pain body levels of egoic inorganic implants. I choose now to dissolve all egoic level walls that prevent integration and wholeness within my consciousness. I call back all Soul fragments for healing and successful integration.

Moment by moment my Core Star's radiant light is awaking within me. Previously untapped levels of divine wisdom and illumination rain down onto me and into my awareness from my Higher Self. I now see new avenues of opportunity unfolding before me. My life is pulsating with the new sense of meaning and warm supportive love as I remember who I am and why I am here.

Stay in meditation for as long as you wish.

Then as you gently return to full awakening consciousness realize that you can choose this to be the moment of your new beginning. Say: I acknowledge that I may now decide to allow myself to ground and anchor the higher heart based patterns of the fifth dimensional Ascension timeline. I am free from the Metatronic Inversions of Luciferian and Satanic gestalt forces. I resign from negative fear based programming now. And so it is

* Disclosure of the web of transnational crime syndicates controlling human trafficking, and slavery of all kinds. The Satanic Cult (linked to the planet Saturn and its theme of oppression and control) has been working hard at becoming mainstream, in a very deceptive way, by ensnaring or tempting those in positions of governmental authority, famous public figures, politicians, judiciary, business executives, pedophiles, sociopaths, psychopaths, the military, scientists, medical and healthcare personnel and journalists to mindlessly spout the controlled narrative and to take part in satanic ritual abuse.

**Gold Sun Solar Body read more and thanks to Lisa for the image above


Definition as described in my book: Humans have been conditioned by others who want to take from them, to take their power. In western civilization people are programmed to be serfs, to expect serfdom. Serfdom is designed to keep people helpless and to install the need to be directed. To work for people who are powerful. People who can use that power over the workers. This is why we speak of the Synocratic Beehive type system in comparison, where all people have their own power and work together for one means, one end. Both of these ways function. However Western Society’s default state is chaos which gives rise to a belief in the need for strong leadership; military generals and colonels taking command. The beehive is based on co-operation and love and knowing what to do in the moment, without needing to be told what to do.

Looking back over 2020 I now realize that my Guidance, The Council of Truth,

foresaw our challenges, and gifted my book Finding Truth Finding Health to us four years ago,

as a type of 'prescription' to ensure we choose,

and stay with, the Ascension Timeline.

This meditation draws on some of the concepts in my book.

Finding Truth, Finding Health, Toroids and Hara Lines,

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