Why it's OK to argue

Human's default is 'growth through pain'. That means that people will challenge you. Have you learnt the most from those who railed against you, rejected you, or those who loved and accepted you? I have a friend whose neighbour is a big bone of contention because the neighbour likes to control what goes on in the apartment block. Arguments result. What my friend has yet to realise is that his own need to control is being shown to him through the antics of the neighbour.

We attract what we give out. We are magnets that attract the same level of vibration that we are. In order to attract what we want in life we first have to be that. If we want love, we first have to be open to love and give love. Love is never ours to own. It is meant for giving away, as the well-known saying goes.

If we want to trust people we firstly have to be trustworthy and honest ourselves. Integrity is a valuable trait and if we attain it then we will attract other integrous people into our lives.

If we are keen to attract a loyal, grateful person we first have to embody loyalty and gratitude.

Confidence and a sense of inner strength is our natural birthright and sometimes its just about reclaiming that which was originally ours and living it so that others like us are drawn to our energy.

So if you are struggling to attract the kind of people and relationships you would like to show up in your life firstly remember to ask yourself "am I actually embodying what I want?".

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