I now know my Life Purpose and have released all the blocks to living it.  Rita's insight and heart centred patience and compassion helped me release issues I had struggled with since childhood and inspired me to follow my passion.  


Rita gave me the tools and confidence to create the life I want.

After spending much needed time together

my relationship with myself and others

started healing,

my bank balance grew and life presented me with endless opportunities. 

Ami Johannesburg

Rita helped me

finally breakthrough deep longstanding issues relating

to my relationship

with my mother 

that I had struggled

with for years. 

TC Cape Town

What people say.....

I have had many consultations with many Practitioners over the years and what I can say is that I have never been so engaged, or experienced the immediate shifts and changes that I have in my two sessions with you.  I look forward to my next appointment.  - SL

The two things I continually say about your work is that it is “sticky“ and that you do not hold your clients hostage. I truly believe that teaching clients how to heal themselves is a big part  of a successful practice. Jen K USA


The progress I made in 2018 was amazing and I would not be where I am today without your energy and incredible support. RB Germany

Thank you for my session last week, I feel like I can cope with anything sent my way now. I really feel a million dollars. Clare,  Kenya

Rita has been my Mentor for five years and I couldn't have coped without her support.  - JS South Africa

Rita definitely helped to "launch me out of a cannon!" I don't pretend to understand how her Hara Line Therapy works...I just know it does!  Ann P Canada

I love Rita's style of facilitation in both private sessions and groups. My spiritual and personal growth has been immense since our first meeting. - SC Cape Town

I'm really amazed by the process - getting loads of insights. Seem to spend an ever-increasing amount of time journaling, but I love it. All the reflection is throwing up some very interesting things. Lots of circles are being closed. I'm even having fascinating dreams- MM 

I've come a long way. My self worth and self-confidence have increased. I've realized that I was not being true to myself. Mostly I was out of integrity and I realise how that was holding me back. I now find it easier to be good to myself because my internal saboteur has gone. I find I no longer need to toil in my daily life in order to achieve. The changes came quite naturally and more easily than I imagined- MB

Amazing session. Thank you Rita 💔. I feel my joy and blessings. It’s been a while. Robi USA

Belief in myself has increased beyond my imaginings. Memories I had suppressed from my childhood are coming back and I'm enjoying that. Others have commented on how calm I am now and how I seem to transfer that calmness to them when they are with me. - KK

I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done. I feel a bliss I have never before experienced. Stephanie, USA


I have always had difficulty being assertive and that's what I asked for help with. I'm pleased to report that my behaviour has changed radically yet naturally. I'm surprised how easily I can now set boundaries and uphold them. I can also stay centred when others around me get angry. - CK  USA

I admire and bless the awesome capacity for awareness and spiritual magic that shines through your Being Rita. You are truly a tour guide of note on my journey to experience Transformation. One main change since my session is even more meaningful verbal and vocal power.  ADP Cape Town

Thank you so much for yesterday's session! It is so relieving to be able to chat with you because you are free of judgement and offer only pure guidance for the journey that I have chosen for myself. Nicola L, Johannesburg

I always seemed to have this lost feeling for no apparent reason and never knew why. I felt bogged down, trapped inside and really sad without knowing why. I always woke up in the morning thinking 'I am not good enough' and that I could never live up to my father's standards. Once I started my process, I started to feel a difference right away. I then had all this emotional anger come out from inside of me, almost like a burden had been taken off my shoulders.

I'm more positive now and  have more self belief and confidence. My relationship with my father has improved dramatically and become a new friendship. I can actually feel that I am now more connected to Mother Earth. All my old complications have resolved themselves. I am doing really well in my job and more people are commenting on my new way of dealing with things. I don't run away anymore but take on any challenge. - BV South Africa

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